FS Kinetic tfr

This moped is located in central ohio. It is in great shape with low miles. It has blinkers, a luggage rack, a helmet and a bungee net. Well maintained, and is in very good running condition. I am looking for around $550 for it but am willing to negotiate.

Re: FS Kinetic tfr

Got any more info on the ped its self? like, year, color, tires, does everything work?, and is there any rust. plus are you willing to ship it. Oh ya and everyone loves pics!



Re: FS Kinetic tfr

Post your email and i will send more pics or email me. The bike is in great shape, tred is practically new, no rust, it is red, it is a "2003" model that was purchased in late 2004. It has 276 Miles on it now. Everything works perfect, along with the new blinkers. Would prefer pick up, and am willing to drive to meet someone.


Re: FS Kinetic tfr


Re: FS Kinetic tfr

Will sell for $450

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