Derbi TT Variant 1980/82

Derbi TT Variant Moped 1980/82 Derbi TT Variant Moped

This is a great moped. I keep changing my mind about selling it, but I rarely ride it. Excellent condition. There are few scuff marks. No missing pieces. I would like someone who would take excellent care of it – someone more into collecting it than using it for their main mode of transportation

I bought this from the second owner of the bike (handed down from his dad.) They told me they have the original ownership slip filed away somewhere and could forward it.

Asking Price: $690.00

Make&Model: Derbi TT Variant. Spanish. One of the best mopeds.

Year: Not sure. Between 1980-1982

Condition: Excellent. Body and Engine. Minor scuffs. Rip in seat. No missing parts. Electrical is great. Just had tune up a month ago. I've only driven it five times (very short distances.)

Miles: 7604

Maximum Speed: 35mph. Speedometer max 40mph (49cc.)

Location: Los Angeles. Local only.

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