puch,tomos,yamaha parts

I selling off some spaer parts at Richmond.

tomos a35 stock exhaust $25

tomos one pice bi-turbo $35

Puch stock exhaust $15

mikuni v4 carb $30

yamaha qt50 oil pump $10

mixed handlebars and other mics.. parts. Email me with question or if you are looking for parts not listed.

Re: puch,tomos,yamaha parts

Hello ill purchase the Bi-Turbo 1 piece 35.00 and shipping zip code 28574 email me for payment and address soonest i can pay pay pal; thanks SGM

Re: puch,tomos,yamaha parts

i'll take the oil pump, and the carb

e-mail me at tinkergz@yahoo.com

Re: puch,tomos,yamaha parts

also have an a35 stock top end with about 1000miles on it for $65

Re: puch,tomos,yamaha parts

What size is that Mikuni V4 and how long have you had it?

Re: puch,tomos,yamaha parts

its the 18mm clamp, stock from a qt50, the same one that 1977 has. i got it with the bike so had it maybe a year

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