WTB Sachs General longseat

Looking for a seat for a Sachs G3 / G4 or General 5-star. Or any seat that will fit on a Sachs G4.

Pretty much any condition aside from TOTALLY BUSTED, as we already have one like that. (See below)

Email me at caitlin@mopedarmy.com if you have one you would like to sell. Please and thank you!

Here is my bike. Nice, no??

See why I need a new seat?

Re: WTB Sachs General longseat

Handy bikes has them. I just bought one, I don't remember how much it cost though.

Re: WTB Sachs General longseat

Catlin, I have them new but BJ can probably do better on the price than I can. I had one customer a few weeks ago call them and they said they did not have the seats, but the customer did not talk to BJ (and he is the only one who really knows what is in stock). If BJ is out of them hit me up and I can set you up with one.

Chris MWH


Re: WTB Sachs General longseat

Yeah, I emailed BJ at handybikes, hopefully he's got one. Thanks, Nick & Chris. HEY NICK, you coming to our rally?

Re: WTB Sachs General longseat

I really want to but I can't cause of school. Though there should be a couple of Ghost Riders down there. So thats good.

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