WTB: Moped or Noped...with title under $300 in WI

I live in Stevens Point, WI...so anything within 100 miles of their is fine...but the closer the better

I want a moped, I already finished my motor bike, but I want something else to tinker with, something complete, but needs minor work is fine. I just don't want to do an engine rebuild or anything. I would go from anything from a Motobecane to a Honda Express to a Puch. I just want something that is capable of at least 30 mph. I will put on a biturbo later possibly going up to 35 mph, but 30 mph is essential...carb tuning is fine, I know how to do it, carb cleaning fine. Also...title is a must...anyone in Wisconsin knows that.

If you know of anything, let me know. You can also email me at kamikazikostka@gmail.com



Re: WTB: Moped or Noped...with title under $300 in

i've got a honda express with a custom expansion chamber, it does a little over 30mph. Clear title, I'm near chicago.

email at superchad333@yahoo.com if interested.


Re: WTB: Moped or Noped...with title under $300 in

matt dizzle down here in milwaukee always has a few peds laying around. his email is 'hondaexpressridesagain_at_yahoo.com' i'm sure he can hook you up with something pretty cheap.

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