Looking near Grand Rapids

I'm looking to buy the wife a moped. I'm not looking for a showroom bike. Something that runs and is in ok shape. I'm sure I'll end up painting what I buy. Grand Rapids, K'zoo, anyone?

Re: Looking near Grand Rapids

it's not a moped but.......an 89 yamaha razz thats painted like a japanese flag? Runs awesome and comes with a bore kit thats new and still in the box? I'm right in holland and can drop off this wonderful piece of machinery at your door lol.

Re: Looking near Grand Rapids

want to trade that gadabout for anything? Garelli VIP 2 speed or sachs eagle2 ?

Re: Looking near Grand Rapids

I have a yellow 1978 motobecane. Needs some work. Does not have spark, but is probably just a loose ground or wire. also need decomp cable. Can use a derailer cable from mejier. needs the tank cleaned out, slight rust. I have a long seat for it and everything else is there, just needs work. I am looking for $200

Located in Grand Rapids.

Re: Looking near Grand Rapids

How much for the Razz, any pics?

Joel, how much for the Moto?


Nahhh, I love my bike to much. She is torn down and being painted as we speak.

Re: Looking near Grand Rapids

I already gave you the price

email me

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