Wtb First moped (seattle)

Im looking for a moped in the Seattle area. ill most likely take anything i can get my hands on but i would really like a Puch. ill probably end up being able to spend around $250. Running with title if possible. This will be my first ped after browsing this site for 2 years.lol

Re: Wtb First moped (seattle)

This has proven to be very difficult for all of us.

There is a nice tomos on craigslist right now, but it's above your price range.

Wtb First moped (seattle)

jeffro bigeddy /

Wtb First moped (seattle)

First, I have 11 frames and 2 titles, so don't hope too much for one of those. Titles coming with the bike around here is super rare.

Second, $250 is a little low around these parts. If you had $350-450 it'd be easier to catch one.

Third, chances are, if you do find one, it won't run, or it will run poorly, so be prepared to get your hands dirty. A lot. These bikes take constant never ending maintenance.

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