Solo Drive assembly

Hey Guys,

I need an NOS drive assembly for my Solo engine. See attached photo. I also need as much info on this liquid cooled 50cc motor as I can get.




Re: Solo Drive assembly

What do you mean drive assembley? The clutch? That motor/exhaust setup was for a Columbia frame and was intended for a variator setup like a Peugeot 103. The clutch and variators are almost impossible to find. But I believe that some of the Batavus clutches can be used without to much modifacation. Used ones are easier to come by and supposedly some places still some new ones available.

Re: Solo Drive assembly

I tried a Batavus clutch on one of these, with horrible results. The spacing is wrong so the drive belt won't line up and the back of the Solo clutch is made to stick into the oil seal and the Batavus clutch does not do this.

Re: Solo Drive assembly

You do have to modify it somewhat. The mods you have to make might be less hassle than finding the right stuff as rare as these bikes are......

Solo Drive Parts

Hey, would Odessy parts sell well? I might have a connection...

Re: Solo Drive assembly

I believe there were three different clutches used on that motor. I see you have the "stepped" crankshaft. I have a complete NOS motor but it does have some rust on it, I'd have to remove the clutch to see if it has that style crank.$50. shipped if you are interested. I did sell one other clutch to a member and he was very happy with it. I also have a couple of used motors and one almost complete bike that I had running in the fall.

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