F.S 99 Targa in Ct.

Hi Gang, I'm putting my Yellow 99 Targa LX up for Auction. Why you ask,Not really sure.I just have anothe one in mind that really caught my eye and after doing all of the reato work on this one I've not got much to do. I unfortunatly don't have a digital so I can't supply a picture as of yet at least not until these bastards on ebay stop sniping me. My coolpix went to my former G.f and it definatly doen't look good for me getting it back. I'l describe it as well as I can.

99 Yellow Tomos Targa LX:

Paint a few differant shades of Yellow. all panels have been replaced and none are cracked any longer.

Full fairing,still in the process of refinishing it and I'll rattle can it as best as I can after.

new trans. gears complete.

new starter chain

new drive chain

new upgraded clutches.

new headlamp/rectangular

complete carb o'haul

New trans side crank seal/ wasn't that bad,but smoked a litle to much for my comfort.Well worth doing and smokes almost not at all now.

Obviously new trans side cover gasket. I hate smoke and I hate leaks!

This is as reliable as they come.Daily rider

I eliminated the oil injection sytem so as to save the engine from perishing.

This is a one kick starter/no fail/ although it really hates the cold to be sure!.

Typical silver coated Mag wheels and the tires are in fact showing signs of some dry riot but don't seem to lose air.

If I were going to keep her I'd replace the tires on G.P alone.

I've taken this Ped under my wing and gone through her as much as I needed to.Anyone following my post knows this to be sure. I'm going to start the bidding at $500.00 and see where we go.

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can you post pics? i've been interested in seein how your project came out for a while

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Evan, I still haven't gotten my mitts on a digital. My G.F wouldn't return my coolpix and my son keeps forgetting to bring his by. The project came out just fine,everthing all rebuilt and running like a charm. I am a couple of differant shades of yellow right now since you can't rattle can match Tomos Yellow which has a heck of a lot of green in it. Idid get the full faring for it and am in the process of paint and preping it now. I also replaced a slightly cracked upper rt side plastic cover and and preping it and painting it also.All in all I'm very pleased with the outcome and don't part with it easily. I just found one I'm hotter for. If it doesn't sell now I'll up the ante and sell it later or keep them both,frankly I don't care..I'll post a picture when I can..David

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John Joedicke /

Come on Dave , its like selling your children..keep her in the family and just keep adding to the new addiction. lol

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I hear ya Bro, Half of me is definatly saying,G-d I hope nobody jumps on this :-). To be sure I'll not be exploring ebay or anywhere else. I guess I was just feeling like there seemed to be so many members who needed a good deal on a great,rebuilt Ped that I thought I'd feel better at least keeping it in the community. In any case arrangements have already been made for picking up the new ride and they are definatly not contingent on selling Ol Yeller to be sure. It was like 40ish here today and man what a nice time I had buzzing around town at lunch.I'm so pleased after all the time and $$ she really purrs and buzzes throughout her ride. What a sweet sound and feeling..David

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Re: F.S 99 Targa in Ct.


I agree......Sell the kids!.....Keep Ol Yeller!


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New girlfriend might need a ride?????

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I'm interested, and I'm in MA. Where in CT are you? I'd like to come take a look!


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Waterbury, Ct exit 25 off of I84...David

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