WTB: Minarelli engine parts (coil)

Hi guys/gals,

I have a Minarelli 50cc engine. Actually its a Lazer Sport50 moped w/ the engine attached. I'm looking for a working coil most of all, but if you have a parts engine or any parts you're willing to get rid of on the cheap, I'd be very grateful for a response!

Thanks all,


Re: WTB: Minarelli engine parts (coil)

See Ya Moped Army /

Andy, here is a pic of the CEV coil you need. Please note that this is not a new coil, but it did come off a running ped. $20 includes postage. Email me if interested and I will give you my Paypal email address (not the same as my e-addy in my profile

Re: WTB: Minarelli engine parts (coil)

Swwet! that looks like just the coil that I'm looking for!

thanks I'll email ya


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