WTB: Batavus Stock Piston

I need a stock piston for a Batavus M48. Used is ok if it's in good shape. Someone must have bored one out and has an old stocker laying around. Will buy whole engine if price is right....

Re: WTB: Batavus Stock Piston

PedBuilder /

make sure it matches the letter on the cylinder.

Batavus made pistons and cylinders A through F, and you have to make sure they are the same.

Good luck

Re: WTB: Batavus Stock Piston

Well I can't really understand what happened. The piston was rusted fast, I pushed it out and now the bottom skirt seems like it expanded and it won't fit in the bore anymore.

What are the differences in the pistons?

Re: WTB: Batavus Stock Piston

I didn't think there were any differences in the pistons. I know there are no differences in the rings. We're talking for an M48, right?

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