Replying to Spammers

Ryan Alaska, Butnut, and you others, please don't reply to spammer posts. When you respond you move their submission to the top of the pile. I bumped about a half dozen or more posts yesterday to help run this spammer off the page and you guys bumped them to the top again. What we really need is a moderator to get rid of these spammers along with the ebay plugs, but we don't have one. If you want to get rid of them, bump the legitimate posts forward, like people looking for parts or bikes and stuff like that.

Re: Replying to Spammers

I told you guys to stop replying to spam posts, I spent 10 minute to bump it off the first page and it took you 30 seconds to bump it back. Someone need to fix this permanently, block the spammer's address.

Re: Replying to Spammers

HEY captain kirk, stop yelling

Re: Replying to Spammers

NailheadRocketman /

Captain Kirk? wtf.......

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