1976 motobecane

for sale my 1976 motobecane runs great the gas tank was no good so i made it a top tank it needs grips and a new kill switch/horn button

asking $200 i like this bike but i have to sell cause im moving

located in Haverhill Mass


Re: 1976 motobecane

Is the tank rusted through or just crusty inside?

Re: 1976 motobecane

its broken i welded it back together but it leaks everywhere and yeah its also pretty rusted inside too

Re: 1976 motobecane

See Ya Moped Army /

You might be better off parting that bad boy out. I don't even try to restore Mobys with badly rusted tanks. I've got a couple of clean Moby frames that should be mated with all the other parts on that bike.

Re: 1976 motobecane

NailheadRocketman /

I've never seen a ped's tank rust through like that, Ive only seen them get crusty. I suppose a moby's tank is thinner than a Puch's tank though. Yeah, part it out man, you'll be well off. No one will spend 200 bucks on a bike that can't use it's own tank.


Re: 1976 motobecane

i just sold it for a buck 40

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