WTB: Sachs engine cover, exhaust

Greetings Moped Army, I am new here and am the proud new owner of my first moped, a project '78 Sachs Balboa. I am in need of the following, preferably used:


left and right side covers

left-side Engine cover , the one that has Sachs stamped on it

Thank you for your time and any information on finding these parts- Pat

Re: WTB: Sachs engine cover, exhaust

NOS exhausts are available from HandyBikes. Side covers are hit or miss. The cover with Sachs on it is the flywheel cover and it shows up on eBay now and then.

Laters. David.

Re: WTB: Sachs engine cover, exhaust

The engine cover he wants is the left side transmission cover and drain plug not the right side magneto cover. I have a spare left side transmission cover but i'm unsure if I have a drain plug or, it's yours for free but shipping to your state is your own business. Email me if interested and good luck with your project.

Re: WTB: Sachs engine cover, exhaust

I just listed engine covers on ebay . I am parting out a sachs now I have the muffler complete ped the only thing I listed so far is the engine covers .they are at less than 10 dollars now if you need anything else for sachs email me .thanks

Re: WTB: Sachs engine cover, exhaust

Ok, thanks for the replies, and thank you for clarifying about the transmission cover. You have reminded me that I also need the magneto cover, though so if anyone has one of those let me know.

Also, how do I know whether I have a 504 or a 505? I haven't been able to find any numbers on the engine itself or on the ID tag on the moped.

Maxmagnem, thank you for the offer! Let me try and find a source for a drainplug and then I would love to pay for shipping for your cover.

Hoppeness- I looked at your ebay auction, mine is a '78, will your sidecovers be compatible? They seem to look the same as earlier ones. Does your Eagle have a 505 engine? Just want to make sure that the exhaust will also be compatible. Is it a right hand side exhaust? It seems Eagles have right hand exhausts and Balboa's have left hand exhausts, I think this may present a problem.

Thank you for the encouragement, Pat

Re: WTB: Sachs engine cover, exhaust

it is right hand side exhaust and it is a 505 engine I am also seeling the whole ped in parts .thanks Pat

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