Re: 2003 Tomos Targa Project FS

hey ive emailed 2 twice more and u havent answered, i want to arrange the pick up soon.


Re: 2003 Tomos Targa Project FS

Hey send me pictures of the moped. Im looking to buy the whole thing not part it out. I live in Basking Ridge NJ if thats to far to deliver let em know we can meet somewhere halfway. Please send me all your pics and if possible please make them good quality. I dont usually buy stuff sight unseen but if i like what i see in the pictures i will consider it. please email me the pictures asap i have cash in hand and im willing to buy your moped.



Re: 2003 Tomos Targa Project FS

yea same here, ive been talking to him for a week, i have cash, then i didnt here from him and emailed him 2 times like 4 days ago, and i havent heard from him yet.


Re: 2003 Tomos Targa Project FS

samz u still have that streetmate 4 sale? my email is if u wanna send pics


Re: 2003 Tomos Targa Project FS

email sent

Re: 2003 Tomos Targa Project FS


but I'm out of town alot. In the end, it went to a fellow clubmate of mine here in Philly who will be using it to rebuild another Tomos. She plans on attending the Richmond Rally and will represent for Philly since I can't make it this year.


Re: 2003 Tomos Targa Project FS

Hi all,

I am the lucky wanker who got the bike so if you are interested in parts I willing to part some of it out. I am using the engine, the pipe, the wiring, switches. I am not using the frame, the headlight, the fairings, side covers (all plastic shows a good deal of wear/breakage) etc. Best offer takes pieces. If you want something inparticular, ask.

Please shoot me an email off list to get in touch.

ta, Sarah

Re: 2003 Tomos Targa Project FS

hey im interested in all the fairings, but i bet the ones under the tank are pretty shot, so how about a picture of the front and 2 engine covers, left and right side, ill give you well first let me see whts broken on the fairings, does the gas cap have a key? if so id want the gas cap, and any good cables?



Re: 2003 Tomos Targa Project FS

The under-tank fairings are long gone. i never had them. The headlight/front fairing is pretty shot but I will take a picture tonight and post it sometime this weekend any way. Ditto for the engine covers.

The gas cap is key-less. I am not sure many of the cables are (or should be) usable, but I will update tomorrow or Monday with pics and all.

Re: 2003 Tomos Targa Project FS

Hello. I'm interested in buying a complete Tomos rear

wheel (including the brakes) and the complete rear wheel

axle assembly. Everything I'll need to install a rear

wheel into a 1992 Tomos Targa LX swing arm.

Also, how much extra would you charge for the matching

front wheel and front brake?

I'm trying to find cheap working Tomos moped repair

parts. Thanks.

- Ed 301-779-9769.

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