WTB- tomos LX /top tank moped in NJ...

i am looking for a used tomos LX or a top tank moped.

i woudl like to to be running,have a top speed around 40 mph.

also i want to spend 300 or less. mabey a little more if the moped is nice.

thanks guys.


oh yes

must have a tittle. BUMP

Re: maybe

maybe i can sell you my blue lx 95, 2 peice biturbo, straight intake, and shit , ill think about selling it, but if $300 was the price you would have to come and pick it up.


Re: maybe

can you get a picture if you decide to sellit. i am intrested... what is the top speed about on it?

have a tittle"?

Re: maybe

and pick up is not a problem.

Re: maybe

yea it has a title, i just have to title it under me i think then i can sign the title off to u, its blue, has title, im the 3rd owner, andi have to look at the carb, because its probaably dirty and the jet may be to small it hits 30 now but should be hitting 40-43.it doesnt have the covers that go under the tank, and the frotn fairing is chipped on the top idk how you would chip a spot liek that but i might be ordering all 3 fiarings, they wont be to much for me cause i go through tomos, but i think i would go with $350 cause i have some things to pay off, and i also have a step through frame, with seat,fenders,forks, swingarm,complete electrical, chrome locking gas cap, extra set of forks, both metal engine covers, tail light and new rear shocks that are black, not spraypainted, u can have it all for $400 even though i spent $100+ on the targe parts u can have them for $50


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