Want to buy your kinetic frame

Anyone have a clean kinetic that they are looking to unload? Running condition optional. Going to rip it apart. Don't need seat/handle bars or wheels if that would make shipping easier. Thanks.

Re: Want to buy your kinetic frame

Smitty Smith /

Just bare frame? I have one, but I need everything off of it, except the tank and rear frame. What are you offering?



Re: Want to buy your kinetic frame

Thanks, Smitty, but i think I am looking for a bit more than that. Looking for the full frame, subframe, rear shocks, and hardware that holds it all together. Engine mounting bolts a plus. Might have to just spring for a new bike, i know.

If anyone has a clean running or non-running kinetic that they would like to unload for under $250 please let me know.

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