WTB NY mopeds

Hey all, I know it's the winter now, but I'm already thinking of spring...

I'm looking to get a few junker peds or a running ped or 2 around central NY. If there are any that are around, please email me pics and prices and tell me if they have any problems. Since the snow is on the ground, I don't think I'll get much mopeding around, so I'll be looking for a while, but please, if there's anything in this barren land of mopeds here in central NY, please let me know.

Thanks a bunch!

Re: WTB NY mopeds

No fear Peds?scooters /

hello from Moped Ciry USA the land of deals; 50 Mopeds for sale; shipping no problem in tact up wright on a slab. add the fuels and start, ride; shipping les than 190.00 almost in USA, deposit and fee required in advance. ask me what i have or tell me what you want. et me tell you . if you work at Burger king,wendys or Mcdonandls. you cant afford my mopeds. thanks moped city USA 28574 JC

Re: WTB NY mopeds

First you say that you're the land of deals and then you say that people can't afford your mopeds. So which is it?

Re: WTB NY mopeds

See Ya Moped Army /

I thought JC said he was the land of moped parades? Isn't that the reason he cited when he snapped up everyones' cheap peds? He needed them for parades? Huh.....and now he's a Dealer.

Re: WTB NY mopeds

that dude is out of his head for sure.

patrick: I have a few bikes you could come check out at some point. im only an hour south of syracuse.


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