Reedvalve Case Induction Puch E50 for sale

once again. im not selling it but someone in america needs to buy it. im sure he would be very easy to convince.

"Ebay Listing":

Hello Puchtuner love. Would have here once a real dainty for you. Would auction a Puch Maxi E50 automatic motor rebuilt brilliant part on diaphragm entrance for Mofarennen. Membranstutzen became aufgeschweisst and polished exactly like the total crank housing that also polished is. The diaphragm block comes are of Polini. that to be diaphragm disk naturally from Carbon and come of Malossi(0,35mm). The Ansaugstutzen has carburetor page an outside diameter of 24mm.Also exactly suitably for 18er or 20er Dellorto. The Zylinderplombe already was removed are the over currents yet original and not yet aufgefr

Re: Reedvalve Case Induction Puch E50 for sale

ummm this is kind of a big deal, i thought you guys would be a little more interested than this.

Re: Reedvalve Case Induction Puch E50 for sale

What type of cylinder would you use?

Re: Reedvalve Case Induction Puch E50 for sale

Any, just bock off the intake port.

Harold, you should know by now that reedvalve by itself does not make an engine more powerful. When combined with better porting, especially the additional boost port, a reedvalve cylinder usually puts out more power. Reed valve engines are also synonomous with newer, better designed engines, which also put out more power(like the AV10, for example)

However, Peugeot, Morini, Minarelli and Batavus reed valve engines are just as fast or slow than any piston ported intake.

An interesting custom, but of dubious value, unless you had a specific project in mind that would benefit from a custom intake port tuning setup.

Re: Reedvalve Case Induction Puch E50 for sale

DUH! a frikkin 80cc big port metrakit. mmmmmmmmm

and brett. the more money you spend on a moped the faster it goes. I like to shred 50$ bills and put them in my premix for PROFORMANSE

Re: Reedvalve Case Induction Puch E50 for sale

I'm sort of intrigued with this, simply because it's a Case Reed and not a cylinder inducted reed. This extra step allows for alot of tuning that's not otherwise effective with a cylinder-inducted system. As an interesting side note, Aprillia's latest series of GP125 machines have omitted the reed valve for a rotary valve system. Piston-port, Rotary and reed all have specific behaviors and can all be tweaked with for more power.

Re: Reedvalve Case Induction Puch E50 for sale

Oh you do the same with the $50's? LOL more money the faster! so true

Re: Reedvalve Case Induction Puch E50 for sale

Harold, wouldn't that in effect decrease performance on the 80cc kit? After all, that kit has a 21mm intake port, while this only has a 19.

Re: Reedvalve Case Induction Puch E50 for sale

It would be a good case for a watercooled scooter cylinder :)


Re: Reedvalve Case Induction Puch E50 for sale

That's what I'm talking about when I say Unless you "had a specific project in mind."

Re: Reedvalve Case Induction Puch E50 for sale

Harold, im interested in a few items on German ebay not just these cases in particular. Do people in Germany usually ship over to the U.S and approximatly how much does shipping usually cost on medium sized items like these?

Also is there any way to translate the descriptions on German ebay items or any other language descriptions?


About the cases though, what kind of performance gains can you expect out of case reed inducted engines?

*One more thing; since you seem to have alot of experience with the many different puch engine models, are there any 3 to 6 speed engines that would fit either a maxi or magnum frame or be close to fitting without without having to majorly cut up my frame?



Re: Reedvalve Case Induction Puch E50 for sale

search "babelfish" on google for a translator, spell check it though because spellcheck isn't great

Re: Reedvalve Case Induction Puch E50 for sale

Re: Reedvalve Case Induction Puch E50 for sale

the best thing to do is browse and just slowly start picking up terms here and there. kolben is piston. rad or felge is wheel ect ect.

germans dont post "gallery" pics (the thumbnails that show up on a search) as much as americans do so you gotta look even harder.

If they are willing to ship. 90% of the time they are willing to ship to america. only major problem is hardly any of them have paypal. you have to do checks. a check will costs you at least 10-15$ to draft in euros and then another 4-6$ to mail 4-6day air.

A complete engine will cost around 60 euros (like 85$) to have shipped over in a week to two.

As far as the engine thing goes, not there are no engines that will bolt on. There are puch 3speeds (x50) puch 4 speeds (monza, m50, n50) and two different kinds of 6 speeds. the monza 6sl which is a 50cc 6speed and the cobra m80 which is an 80cc speed some times its watercooled too. they are very different bottom ends not just the top end. all of these engines have a different mount set up than the standard za50 and e50. however with a LOT of work you can make them fit. they still have the same kind of sprocket setup and can be lined up but require custom brackets and cutting and welding.

Your other option is a manual 2 speed. there are 3 different kinds of these. the 2speed pedal start, the 2 speed kickstart and the Hero-Puch 2 speed 65cc kickstart with optional electronic start. these will just slap right into a magnum or maxi.

Re: Reedvalve Case Induction Puch E50 for sale

I can see why you have layed out so much money in parts. Why can't you send payment by lettermail? How about money orders instead? The bank that I deal with will write you a money order for $5 in any currency you want, less if you have an account in that currency. As for engine parts I have everything shipped by the cheapest means possible, which means slower but I don't care.

Re: Reedvalve Case Induction Puch E50 for sale

A guy in belgium told me it was very expensive for him to deposit personal checks at the bank, like 20 euros. I guess banks are different there...

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