FS *Puch Magnum MK2* Super Clean

First off I live in Portland Maine.

Here is the FAQ

-What it would cost to ship it? I do not know and I will not figure it out for you

-I want to ship it, how much does it weigh? I don't know, it's pretty damn heavy for a moped I don't really want to ship it to you

-I really want that moped; my (insert relative) has a friend who works at (insert Company name). If you give me a few Days to figure out the details I will have someone pick it up at your house at no charge blah blah blah how does that sound? Glaargle fuck off

As you can see I have had the shipping run around a few too many times. Delivery in The Northeast between Maine and NYC is conceivable for a little extra money

OK... the Bike

1979 Puch Magnum MK2 2 speed Top tank moped w/ 970 original miles.

I would describe it as very clean. It shows no real signs of its age, or much use

It has a set of aftermarket blinkers by catseye. They do not work, I do not know why, they are easy to remove.

The speedo needle is a little jumpy so it is hard to tell the speed, but it runs great, shifts smoothly, and goes a nice stock 30ish

The oil injection system has been removed, it is now a premixer

No half-ass performance mods have been tried on it. It is stock.

There is light surface rust in places, but it looks very good, and it could look better, I hardly cleaned it for the pictures.

it has a windshield too.

I think I am correct it saying this is about the most sought after moped that was ever legally imported into the states, although that statement could be debated ad nauseum...but leave that for another post



pic 1


Re: PIC 2

pic 2


Re: PIC 2

Dan, you're a moby/honda guy... just do yourself a favor and give that bike to me.

Re: PIC 2

sorry, yamaha... not honda...

Re: PIC 2


Re: PIC 2

will you ship? Just kidding. Got any useable 50cc or 80cc chappy topends around? I have 3 chappies, all froze up but looking good.

Re: PIC 2

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

Dan Adams.

Move to Northern California.

End of story.

(im actually waiting to hear about my 2nd magnum frame so im not actually interested)

Re: PIC 2

usualy when I see threads about magnums, they are way overpriced. but this one is more than reasonable, somebody jump on this quick!

Re: FS *Puch Magnum MK2* Super Clean

Sure Brett

I will include the money

This week only for my supertastic Moped Army Special Sale.

Buy this Bike, and recieve $16 moldy dollars absolutely free


Yo Huffy!

I think the only spare Chappy topend piece I have I a 50cc piston and rings

Re: FS *Puch Magnum MK2* Super Clean

Dan. I live in Portsmouth. Could possibly arrange picking up tomorrow. Will be around till late tonight. 603-682-9328, Keith.

Re: FS *Puch Magnum MK2* Super Clean

Cool, I will call you tomorrow

Re: FS *Puch Magnum MK2* Super Clean

Cool, the earlier the better. Car might not be available later.

Re: FS *Puch Magnum MK2* Super Clean

If you'll sell the piston and rings I'm very interested. Are they new or used, 1st oversize, 2nd? How much shipped to 49424?

Re: FS *Puch Magnum MK2* Super Clean

.......I mean for the chappy, not magnum.......

Re: FS *Puch Magnum MK2* Super Clean


I just offered my piston to another post.


Re: FS *Puch Magnum MK2* Super Clean

nevermind, I just read the other chappy post

Re: FS *Puch Magnum MK2* Super Clean

hey were posting at the same time haha

Re: FS *Puch Magnum MK2* Super Clean


That is some Cosmic Shit man.

It's like the whole universe is spinning around, and like everything is there for a reason, and stuff

Re: FS *Puch Magnum MK2* Super Clean

I would like the blinkers....I will pay for shipping..lol sorry about the cliche...but I would really like a set of cat eyes if they are complete..they must be the kind with the nicad batt, not the kind that used dry cells..already tossed a set of those!

Re: FS *Puch Magnum MK2* Super Clean

I am open to selling the blinkers.

The battery has about 5 cel cylinders that are held together with white plastic.

catseye model bl700 p

Re: FS *Puch Magnum MK2* Super Clean

Obviously the bike isn't for sale. Nice work on returning the phone calls.

Re: FS *Puch Magnum MK2* Super Clean

sell me the windshield. i have the same ped.

Re: FS *Puch Magnum MK2* Super Clean

The bike may still be for sale. I am sorry I have not returned calls

I tried to explain the very odd situation with my obsessive neighbor.

I just wanted to sell this bike without it ruining my life, it has become challenging.

I will post more when the shit gets figured out

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