1976 motobecane for sale

1976 motobecane for sale. Excellent condition. $750 o.b.o.

1976 motobecane for sale

For $750, you might want to post a picture of this thing.

Re: 1976 motobecane for sale

And sell it LA, not New Jersey.

Re: 1976 motobecane for sale

jimmie Carter sr /

I would like to see a Picture of yours.if possible. i have 2 of them both are one owners a Maroon and a teal blue,with all original books,tools and wire baskets not missing anything. of course mine is not for sale. Parade use only. thanks


Re: 1976 motobecane for sale

That's hot...love the color. I'm getting two black V50s next week for $600. Owner says they are both in great shape. When he mentioned that signals were removed from one, I could only guess one could be a VLA?

Re: 1976 motobecane for sale

Can you send me a picture of this? a video clip is also very good.

Is that still running well?

Where is your location?

Thank you

Minh Tuan



Re: 1976 motobecane for sale


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