WTB: Tomos Pedal Crank Arms

Need right and left crank pedal arms for a 1994 Sprint cheap.



Re: WTB: Tomos Pedal Crank Arms

Find an old bicycle and take 'em off. On my '00 Targa I put some on (straight ones) and they slightly rub the oil injection cover. No biggie since I don't pedal.

Re: WTB: Tomos Pedal Crank Arms

Hi Kev, I have a rt. side which I replaced, slight bend in it made it rub on case I replaced it rather then just put it in a vise and tweaked it because I was buying a bunch of other stuff and it just sort of got thrown in for very little extra. If you want it you're welcome to it. Heck we could even trade your pedal for my crank arm if you'd like.Either way you can have the pedal if you think you can use it and I'll still pay the agreed amount for the pedal. Just LMk bro.What the hell if it will help you, I'm good with that...David

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