WTB: Vespa SI running light bulbs - PIX

Hey All,

While on a test run on my buddy's 1980 Vespa SI, I hit the brakes at full speed, and the headlamp, and running lamp blew out... I found the reason. The previous owner had put a 12v running light in, and it had blown, and also blew the headlamp in the process.

So, I've got a new headlamp on the way, but cannot seem to find the TINY 6v bulb anywhere local, so now I turn to you. Check out the attached jpg...

I put in another 12v (cause that's all they had at my local Auto Zone), and for now it's working, however, I want the correct bulbs.

The bulb is VERY small, two prongs on either side of each other, at the bottom of the bulb, which hold it in place. I'm thinking 6v/3w is what I need... anybody got 'em, or know where to find 'em?

Name your price and we'll talk.

Thanks in advance,



Re: WTB: Vespa SI running light bulbs - PIX

that looks exactly like what I replaced in the liscence plate lights on my mazda protoge...the one I got look like your new ones....the counter guy said he never had seen ones like my old ones...no part #s from vespa? Good Luck!

Re: WTB: Vespa SI running light bulbs - PIX

I don't have a parts number from Vespa, just the 12v bulb somebody used...

I need a 6v like the pic I attached...



Re: WTB: Vespa SI running light bulbs - PIX

Hey justin, I'm pretty sure that Scooterworks here in Chicago has the ones you are looking for:


Also, on my site, I have some pics of the setup that i think you were asking Smitty about in another post (proma circuit, dellorto 13.13 malossi filter)http://www.kinetictfr.com/blog/?page_id=142

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