need help shipping in MA

Tom Rainwater /

Looks like I may win a moped off ebay - seller seems a little hesitant to ship it cross country. I need to hire someone to pick it up and ship it for me UPS.

You will need to retrieve it, take front wheel, and front fender off along with the bars and pedals and ship in two boxes.

Of course I'm paying and some for your effort. Lets talk.

Ped is located in Weymouth, Ma


Re: need help shipping in MA

Don't give up! Keep listing and include the zip code for map Quest puposes...

Re: need help shipping in MA

You try to organize a group to move it from member to member for instance if it were to arrive in Indianapolis on a Friday afternoon I could in turn take it the valporasio Indiana near the toll road. It could stay at my sisters house in till someone could pick it up for the next leg of the journey.

Re: need help shipping in MA

wow. that would be serious moped army devotion. people helping people like that. sick

Re: need help shipping in MA

Tom Rainwater /

Thanks all - I got the seller to drive it over to forward air, read bribe.

Also there was a MA reader that offered to take it over and help with shippiing. If that seller lets me down I'll compensate the MA member to go get it and ship it too me.

Thanks all!!

Great group.

Re: need help shipping in MA

J>J> Carter /

you could try or call R&L trucking company.

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