84 garelli supersport

selling my moped it's an 84 supersport with a 65cc kit on it runs like a champ all lights and horn work! asking 550 but will take 450 for it untill weds! i need to get to la for a convention bad so buy it before weds and save!

Re: 84 garelli supersport

WOW! What a steal at 450. I loved mine, it was a real beatufully running moped. We bought it all rusted t hell on ebay for $26! A carb cleaning and 1 week os elbow grease and steel wool, it ran, but stil looked like crap. Thats why I sold it. It was in bad cosmetic condition. The chrome was bad, paint was all faded. But wow, what a real moped. Haha. Anyway, with your kit, the thing must do close to 45! How about posting a pic? I' relly like to see how you have it all set up. Thanks, and I wish you were closer. :(


Re: 84 garelli supersport


I would buy it but I live in LA. How about you fly it with you out here and I pay you in advance. Just kidding, unless you's gonna do it.

Re: 84 garelli supersport

I probably know someone in Richmond that would buy it. who'd you buy it from and did you do the work on it? I havent seen your bike around before.

Re: 84 garelli supersport

it's tonys old supersport.

Re: 84 garelli supersport

was that the one he rode to kalamazoo?

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