1985 red spree for sale

1985 red honda spree with a white seat everything works, good condition 500$ in grand rapids MI.

Re: 1985 red spree for sale


Re: 1985 red spree for sale

NailheadRocketman /

That's a bit steep for a Spree. I remember those tiny things, my neighbor had a red one. It rode okay, but getting anything out of them worthwhile as far as cash goes is hard. I would offer 350 if i were into those.


Re: 1985 red spree for sale

hello plz get back to me with the condition and the last price on my email at jamescole_elect@hotmail.com


Re: 1985 red spree for sale

rocketman what are you talking about? Do you even know? Sprees go for ALOT of money. Look on ebay at what parts sell for. People want them because they run forever. I had 3 of them that I parted out, kickstarters went for 65-70 each, 125+ for the motors(not running). I have seen sprees go for over $1000, I dont like them, but they sell pretty ridiculous.

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