WTB Motobecane Bendy Intake

Somehow I wound up with a 50V with a gurtner carb and a short straight intake. As a result, the air filter box won't fit when the engine pivots back.

So I need the bendy intake. Anyone have one or know where I can get one? The usual online shops don't seem to have this part.



Re: WTB Motobecane Bendy Intake

i will trade you a bendy for the short.

how is that for ya?


Re: WTB Motobecane Bendy Intake

Sounds good, but this is my primary bike that I use frequently so I'd like to make sure the bendy intake will work before I disable this bike by sending you a part that I know works. How about I paypal you $5 or $10 and you refund it if the bendy intake works out and I send you the short one?

Re: WTB Motobecane Bendy Intake

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

the bendy and short intakes are completely interchangeable on all 50 and 40 models.

Re: WTB Motobecane Bendy Intake

Jerry Franek /

Sam, I have a bendy off a 77 Moby. PM me for pics if interested.

Re: WTB Motobecane Bendy Intake

I trust you. I will send it to you,

if its not what you want send it back. if it is send me the short one..

I just prefer the shorter ones, somepeople like them bendys.




Re: WTB Motobecane Bendy Intake

or if you just want to buy it, send me some money.

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