Another Oldie on C-List

Had to post this one too .

I know you guys can rescue this one .

Search for this : Yamaha 60cc Oldie (santa clara)

Gotta admit there's nothing out here (Tx) on C-List for peds , motorcycles or cars but the house is paid for so it's not too bad .

Another Oldie on C-List

C'mon. No link?

Re: Another Oldie on C-List

Hey kenfong, I dont think many of us are going to rescue a non runner for 750 bucks, just because it comes with its original pink slip.

Re: Another Oldie on C-List


that'd be a seriously heroic rescue

Re: Another Oldie on C-List

NailheadRocketman /

50 bucks! thats all my heart is willing to give for a bike like that. Even the 66 Yamaha I had was more complete and solid than that and the motor wasn't stuck. Book value was about 300 in that shape(but things hardly sell for that non-running) , I got it for about 275. I traded it for a Puch that was in about the same condition, but at the time running and driving. Just because its something old, Japanese and rare with two wheels, people think they can charge anything they want for them. If I would have gotten that Bridgestone Surfrider 7, which only needed a new condenser, i probably would have seen 400 for it running. A mint condition 1966 Yamaha YL1 like the one I had has a NADA value of 1675. No junker goes for 750 bucks, and in Minnesota they have tons of non-running Dreams at Sportwheels for about 100 bucks a pop.


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