3 Motobecanes for sale in L.A. - $75 each

Sorry I don't have pics yet. I'll take some tomorrow. I JUST decided to sell these...literally. I need cash and have no room for them.

I have

-a BLUE Moby (super clean tank),

-a YELLOW Moby (best parts/chrome of the three), and

-a METALLIC BURNT ORANGE Moby (good engine w/ great compression).

I'll post more detailed info as well as some pics tomorrow.

Two are '79's one is a '78 I believe. Variator on 2 of 'em.

I wanted to make 1 good bike out of the three but haven't had the time or the space...and the holidays broke my bank!

I will NOT part them out. $75 each. $200 for all 3.





Re: 3 Motobecanes for sale in L.A. - $75 each

Still got em? Get pix? Im in Long Beach

Yellow Motobecane

yep.. it's yellow.

complete carb and motor, both pedals, solo seat, speedo... I don't believe ther's anything mechanical missing on this one just the side chain guards..

somebody love me!


Copper Motobecane

Have the carb. it's missing the slide and maybe a few other parts.

GREAT ENGINE-strong compression. have both chain guards. I cleaned the tank out and was going to Kreem it never got around to it..

You wanna ride me don't you!



Blue Motobecane

..sorry, my camera is on crack! I cannt get it to stay on. I'll try and put a pic of the Bllue Moby up asap.

Re: 3 Motobecanes for sale in L.A. - $75 each

sounds like a great project

Re: 3 M0tobecanes for sale in L.A. - $75 each


good luck to David & Brian. They'regonna COMPLETELY go through these and end up w/ 2 awesome Mobys. You guys shoud definitely post pics!


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