WTB: Motobecane crank arms

elliot of the resistance /

I'm still looking (about 4 months now, not very tenaciously) for right and left motobecane crank arms!

plz, if you have some in the spare parts bin, or from a parts bike SELL THEM TO ME!



Re: WTB: Motobecane crank arms

NailheadRocketman /


help this guy out lol, youre the Moby man!


Re: WTB: Motobecane crank arms

I don't have spares....but i think I may have seen some on e-bay...will start searching!

Re: WTB: Motobecane crank arms

Jerry Franek /

Elliot: i have two crank arms off a 77 Model 50. PM me for pics. Your cost would be postage only if you can use them. I appreciate all the help you guys give.

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