WTB: AV10 intake manifold

elliot of the resistance /

yo all im looking for a motobecane av10 intake manifold...

the one that came on my motor got smushed where the carb connects, i'm not sure if i will be succesful at bending it back out.

so if anyone has a spare (i know its rare in the US) let me know i'll buy it up.

thanks all la resistance!


Re: WTB: AV10 intake manifold

Maitland Of the Loin /

i have a pocket bike one that looks similar if you dont find the proper one. Ill check it on my spare case tonight to see.

Re: WTB: AV10 intake manifold

thx man

hey did u send out that carb yet should i pay pal ya or somthing?

bump not gonna get to much responce here lol

Re: WTB: AV10 intake manifold

Maitland Of the Loin /

no i didnt send it out, you can email me your address to ship to and then ill get back to you on a paypal addy

or you can wait till the weekend of jan 6th ill be back in the bay

Re: WTB: AV10 intake manifold

i'll just wait till the 6th im not in a hurry, i have a 15 on the fox im borrowing right now.

still looking for an av10 intake all!

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