Looking For MB5


I'm looking for an MB5...

in running or near running condition,

I'm located in CT, so if you live around there maybe we can work something out.

but I'm willing to pay for shipping if it comes to that.

So send an e-mail to TTrancEE1024@gmail.com if you got something for me.


-rob G

Re: Looking For MB5


HEY...any one got something for me???

or maybe you might know where i can find one...

hit it up, lol

-rob G

Re: Looking For MB5

Good Luck if I see one I will post for you..they are RARE! I had one back in the day....LOVED IT IT was MINT! many are junk now...but tey are ot there! GOOD LUCK! My eyes are open for you

Re: Looking For MB5


I'm going to e-mail that guy about the mb5 he has for sale on that page. Although I think he might be over pricing a little...I might be willing to pay that much just to get my hands on such a great bike.

Thx for the help Stephen,

and for the link Kevin

I'd really like to add a 6th bike to the collection, :)

Hopefully the last...because I'm running out of room, haha.

thx agn,

-rob G

Re: Looking For MB5

I called David, the owner of that site...

he won't budge below $1,000...I'm starting to have second thoughts about paying that much for the bike....plus i'd have to pay for shipping ontop of that....another 3-400? hmm...

I'd probably end up putting that much into a bike if i get it in lesser condition for cheaper....probably not tho...idk....

He sent me more pics of the bike...

the tank was patched up, profesionaly*, for $300 he says...lol, idk about that.

the left side of the tank is scratched up pretty nicely, little tears in the seat here and there...

tells me it gets upto about 55mph...

In the first pic. the bike looked like it was in mint condition....but it also has some paint chipping, scrathes here and there, etc.

nothing realy too big tho...

idk....told me there is another guy that sent a check (deposit) already...i think the story is bull, but you never know.

Honestly....I think I can find a better deal if I wait....

I'm kicking myself for not taking the deal a couple months ago....2 mb5s and A LOT!!!!!!! of parts for the same price!!!


i want an mb5...

-rob G

ps - thx for all the help, keep the links comin' lol

Re: Looking For MB5

I already bought the one from dave. For $1000 I have an mb5 that needs a lot of work and has no title. Every thing is there but it needs some parts, I already have the parts priced out and ready to order at perkllc.com it will cost $600 to fix it.

Re: Looking For MB5

I want $300 for mine.

Re: Looking For MB5

600 will fix it to what type of condition?

...will everything work? lights, speedo, tach, etc.

will that include a new gastank to get rid of that huge dent in the tank?

email me...or send me an IM after 5pm tonight if you can...or and e-mail to ttrancee1024@gmail.com


-rob G

Re: Looking For MB5

...just noticed....is that top end missing too? lol

Re: Looking For MB5

I think I found a MB5 I can get, its only in mass. so its not going to kick my ass with shipping.

only thing is that this person takes alittle while to communicate with threw e-mail...maybe just cuz i'm used to dave and his 5min. spaces inbetween messages.

...guy must be sitting at his computer pressing the refresh butten 24/7, lool

but yah...illtell you if ne thing happens.

-rob G

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