Sprint Kart engine-200$

FOR SALE: Briggs & Stratton Raptor 3 Race engine

5 horse block, probably makes about 8-9 on alky

Jetted and timed for alcohol, shot peened crank, and aluminum H-beam rod, swirl polished valves w/ 3 angle grind on seats, silicon-moly forged piston, CDI ignition. Motor is good for 7 grand all day, would make an exellent sprint kart motor. $100 or trade for lil' indian minibike kit, sans motor.

Located in Jupiter FL, will ship if you pay cost.

email me if interested

Re: Sprint Kart engine-200$

dude you can get a ton more then 100 for that!! you might wanna goo up in price

Chris CMM

Re: Sprint Kart engine-200$

Sprint Kart engine-200$

$100 or trade

$100 or $200. Beware.

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