Never Ending Saga

Hi Gang, Just thought I'd give you the latest update on my Clutch situation. Well if you remember last week I had discovered that a bearing in the side cover was blown out so I quick made a deal here for a good used one cheap. After anxiously awaiting its arrival it showed up yesterday. I'm thinking great I'll be able to have my Birthday ride after all(tommorrow). Well checking the drain and fill bolts on the top and bottom of the case I discover that not only are they loose, they are stripped@#$%^&. Not to be to discouraged I'm thinking well a new one will at least be another week away I might as well go ahead and disassemble the trans and get my return spring replaced,it had previously broken. Once I have the Gears off I discover that the starter pawl fork is a bit streched out I better bend it back into shape. The next noise we here is SNAP!!!after which many more of these4 @#$%^& kinds of words. Damn sometimes you just can't win. Happy birthday to me,yea right :-(. Anyone out there happen to have the fork pawl retainer thing and or a return spring they can part with?. What the hell just thought I'd ask.I'm so bummed...David

Re: Never Ending Saga

See Ya Moped Army /

You shoulda got a Puch ;-)

Re: Never Ending Saga

I'll keep that in mind ;-)..David

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