Jawa Carburator wanted!

Hello fellow soldiers in the Moped Army,

I am looking for a working carburator for my 1980 Jawa Babetta. I'm still a beginner when it comes to engine work, so I'm not sure exactly what kinds of carburators will work with the engine, so any advice you all could give would be much appreciated as well. But if anyone out there is looking to sell a carburator that would get my baby up and running, please contact me. Thanks a lot.


Re: Jawa Carburator wanted!

John Joedicke /

There are a few people here who have converted to a deLortto 14/12 sha with results. Maybe a search will get you the info you need.

Re: Jawa Carburator wanted!

all I have is a parts carb.

Re: Jawa Carburator wanted!


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