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Scott Jorgenson /

I am looking for a helmet trunk to attach to my Tomos Targa luggage rack. I've found a ton of soft-sided bags, packs, etc. but the hard plastic lockable trunks at $60 or so are very hard to find. Any help would be appreciated.


Re: helmet trunk

Those plastic trunks go for like $20 or so on ebay, their not hard to find at all.


Re: helmet trunk

Ebay under motorcycle

Re: helmet trunk

i might be buying a tomos LX this week that has one. want it? name a price. you ship

Re: helmet trunk

I'm looking for one too, for an '87 A3 top tank. I was eyeing the ones with integrated brake lights and turn signals. Has anybody tried wiring these things up to a moped? Is there enough juice from the electrical system to power the lights? It would be great to have brake lights and turn signals closer to eye level for the drivers behind me.

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