FS Tomos A35 engine side covers

I have side covers for a Tomos A35 engine that I do not need. Up for grabs. $10.00

Note: Gear side is scuffed.



Re: FS Tomos A35 engine side covers

Is that the metal bottom ones or the plastic one under the gas tank if it's the under the tank I'll take them.

Re: FS Tomos A35 engine side covers

I'd be interested in either. I understand that M.rumbler wants the plastic under tank ones, so that's cool but I would'nt mind have a spare metal clutch cover either. Where in Ct. R U.? I hail from Waterbury.I also need those little rubber gromets or at leat one of them that the tits on the plastic side covers slide into. Do you have any remains from the rest of the transmission?..David

Re: FS Tomos A35 engine side covers

Well it now seems as though I need the Rt. side Metal case. the one I recieved has stripped bolts/both drain and refill..geez. I also need some other small trans parts so please let me know what you have available..David

Re: FS Tomos A35 engine side covers

I got Lucky, with a little heat I was able to pop the bearing out of the stripped out case and into my non stripped one. That still leaves me need of oh so many more parts. Wow the child abuse this ped has suffered from must have been intense. So far the only thing in there that I found kind of OK was the clutches, which is what this kid told me when I got the bike it needed a clutch....NOT!.. Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday....David

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