WTB-Garelli drain plug

Need a drain plug for a horizontal Garelli engine. I've been meaning to measure it up and make one from a bolt, but haven't had time with my holiday work schedule.

Email me.

Re: WTB-Garelli drain plug

Those plastic plugs suck, becasue they all eventually get brittle and snap off. You can match up the theads to a very course thread allen head bolt that I find in those pull out bins at a Lowes, Home Depot, or local hardware store. You can also chace some new theads into the hole and put almost any standard bolt in with a nylon washer. Either way, it costs about a dollar.

Re: WTB-Garelli drain plug

WAIT - MY BAD! I meant the plastic fill plug. The bottom drain bolt can be matched up too.

Re: WTB-Garelli drain plug

go to any car oil change place and get a "pan saver plug" . Once you see it, you will see it works perfectly.

Re: WTB-Garelli drain plug

Thanks- I'll check it out.....

I work with UPS. I haven't had any time to head up to the store with the whole Xmas shipping madness.

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