bing carburator slide

I need a bing carburator slide for a 1976 puch maxi...anyone have one? thanks

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don't have puch parts but I saw a muffler for your motobecane on e-bay the other night, good luck to you

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Re: bing carburator slide

NailheadRocketman /

LOL, 82 and still going, not really suprised. I learned some of my info about working on cars from a 75 year old woman who was a good mechanic. Of course, people sometimes post a random age on the internet to discourage people from contacting them. I don't do that though, I think that's kinda lame seeing that I don't have anything to hide. It does suprise me though, that she knows exactly what she needs for her bike. Most older women I know wouldn't know exactly what part was needed on their bike or car unless they asked someone younger.


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it's not rocket science sonny....of course you know how us women are about our age....mama said, "always keep em guessing" hehehe anyways, i got impatient and i decided to see if i could make one so i fabricated one out of a piece of metal i found that was from a latch plate of an old deadbolt lock. It sure helps when ya know how to fabricate sterling for jewelry. sort of the same principal....i was pretty proud of myself after i finished it and installed it and it worked just great ...thanks for the responses!

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Having spent near 30 years with a jewelry designer and fabricator, I don't doubt yor skills. That said, some pictures would be great.

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