Puch or Motobecane Rear wheel?

I need a spoked puch or Motobecane rear wheel.

Re: Puch or Motobecane Rear wheel?

hey man

got a rear wheel for a 70*s motobecane 50V.

its complete, no damage , good shape, needs cleaning

its yours for 15.00 plus shipping

where are you located?


Re: Puch or Motobecane Rear wheel?

Actually i bought a rim last night, but it came without hardware. Will you sell me you axle, fasteners, and brake plate?

Re: Puch or Motobecane Rear wheel?

Jerry Franek /

I have a 77 Moby parts bike with everything on it, if I can help you out. Can send you pics of anything.

Re: Puch or Motobecane Rear wheel?

THE EXPERT E.E. Lockhart /

I was a dealer for Motobecane here in Canada and the rear wheels hardly ever gave trouble so I have many parts. The trouble is there was three models of wheels for the 50L and 50VL models (not to mention the 40 TL, 40 Vl etc) the brake plates and brakes can be different, the sproket size can be different and the spokes may be different. The only std part was the rim 17 " The trick is did you have a bent or damaged wheel to salvage parts from or do you just want a complete wheel If you don't actually have any wheel then you need a wheel with everything like axle, nuts, brake plate , brake shoes, etc. If you just ask for a wheel you have to ask for all the parts or you may end up without enough pieces to fix things. Send me an e-mail for more info. I only have Motobecane parts none for PUCH.

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