MOPEDS FOR TRADEmotobecanes/indianPHILLY

ok peoples. i don't have picturres but if your near west philly come have a looksee.

1 motobecane is complete. 50v model. fastest engine motobecane made. engine turns over. gas tank is clean...not spotless but good. paint in good condition.125$

the other motobecane i am not sure what model it is, but has same engine(i think). gas tank same condition. engine turns over. no seat. more beat up than the first. appears to have complete engine.

good for parts or with some small parts purchased will run. 50$

-if you buy the 50v i'll throw in the parts bike and some extra parts and a shop manual

79' Indian moped- 4stroke,white with gold logo,rare colors. one side has scratches over logo area but other than that paint is in good shape. pitted chrome. gas tank has a little rust in it. Engine runs. may need some brake work. i had replaced the brake shoes. Indian brake shoes have a tendency to shred in the hub locking the i have new shoesin them but i can't seem to set them properly.250$

these mopeds would be best for someone who knew about or liked indians or motobecanes

i donnot like them. i don't know how to work on them. i've had them for a while and looking to get them out of my hair.( i have alot of hair)

i will trade all three for a good running tomos,puch,minarelli or franco morini. maybe something else...tell me whatcha got.

these bikes will go on ebay sometime in the next week or two so get at me soon.

Re: MOPEDS FOR TRADEmotobecanes/indianPHILLY

hey look at this

Re: MOPEDS FOR TRADEmotobecanes/indianPHILLY

I would be interested in the ped

Re: MOPEDS FOR TRADEmotobecanes/indianPHILLY

I mean the Parts bike

Re: MOPEDS FOR TRADEmotobecanes/indianPHILLY

ok...well tell me something............!

Re: MOPEDS FOR TRADEmotobecanes/indianPHILLY

Did you want to come up and see the Negrini yet?

Re: MOPEDS FOR TRADEmotobecanes/indianPHILLY

i don't think i would trade all 3 for the negrini. i would do indian for it. or motobecanes and fifty bucks. sorry if thats sounds like a shitty deal, but i'm not that desperate.

Re: MOPEDS FOR TRADEmotobecanes/indianPHILLY

bumps of cocaine

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