WTB: Bing carb and throttle

looking for a complete bing carb and a throttle assembly.

also in need of a drive chain, 1 tire and tube. looking for cheap parts for a friends new to mopeds.

Re: WTB: Bing carb and throttle

I also have 1 stock tire that goes on the Puchs, 1ts a 17, asnd in decient shape. I may have a used tube?

I also have the throttle assembly.

Re: WTB: Bing carb and throttle

Maitland Of the Loin /

there is a rusty chain on your engine, which im shipping tomorrow (sorry for being late, dont hate me :O)

i dunno if that solves your needs but its yours anyways.

Re: WTB: Bing carb and throttle

rick, need ANOTHER throttle assembly. didnt you get my email about the tires?

thanks maitland. still need YOUR address duder.

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