I need a ruling

Hi Gang, I've got lots of stuff non moped related that I'd be willing to trade off for stuff for my Ped. I'm not looking for $$. If in fact I were I'd just Ebay the stuff. I'd rather trade it off for stuff to support my new Ped addiction and to some other Pedder some good as well. I'm not interested in breaking any Forum rules so I thought I'd ask. Is this sort of thing allowed here?..Thanks..David

Re: I need a ruling

Its fine, what do you have?

Re: I need a ruling

dont try to sell anything that isnt remotely moped related here. if someone is selling something that you want and you'd rather trade them, then ask that particular person if it's okay with them. but dont start threads with stuff you need and stuff youre trading. please.

Re: I need a ruling

shit you should post it mabey some would trade after they know what you want i dont see whats wrong with that its not like your trying to sell junk cell phones

Re: I need a ruling

the idea of everyone posting stuff they would trade for a moped on this forum irritates me.

Re: I need a ruling

*But you post to them, bringing it to the top.

Post whatever you want on here, and put "OT" or "Off Topic" on it if you feel it may bother someone.

Nathan really knows nothing about what "cool" is, but he still puts it in his name anyway. Does that bother me? No.


Re: I need a ruling

sweet insult, longhair. you're 39, get off the internet and be a dad.

he asked for opinions on whether or not it would be a good idea, did i miss the part where i wasn't supposed to answer that question rationally? i have no problem with people responding to threads with offers, i.e. "hey i got a ps2 and some games i'll trade for your tomos." but it would be a total mess if people posted lists of shit they want to trade for a moped. i'm thinking streamlined, here. easier for everybody. just my opinion.

Re: I need a ruling

dont worry. a lot of things bother nathan. just put OT and it better be cool stuff. not your magic the gathering card collection or some beanie babies.

Re: I need a ruling

beanie babies aren't cool?

Re: I need a ruling

If someone posted something stupid on here, they'll hear about it soon enough.

Yep, Nathan must lose his cool easy. Sorry Nathan. I'm 39, like ya said. I must be completely alien to you.


Re: I need a ruling

midlife people terrify me.

Re: I need a ruling

I've gotta ways to go for that problem. Looks like you're almost there though. No.

I'm sorry dude, go about your business. I don't see a problem with him posting crap on here, and you do, and that's what he asked. I have had a couple of beers, and so I let my mouth fly open a little too far. I have nothing against you in the slightest, but I did have to fool around with the whole "cool nathan" thing; sorry. When I start getting laid less than you do, that's when my crisis will happen. Crap, there I go again.... No, I'm sure I'd get along with ya if I met ya.


Re: I need a ruling

dude dont apologize. im a total jerk online. it's kinda my thing. you do a lot for the moped army general forums, so no worries at all.

Re: I need a ruling

Hi Gang, I really am sorry I did not mean to start a thing here . That is specifically why I asked. I don't want to ruffle anyones feathers but yea I've got some cool stuff just laying around. My habit is to typically buy two of anything I think I want. God forbid I shouldn't have a spare. I'm not looking for $$, like I said I could easily got to Ebay or craigslist for that. Its just that the moped army puts so much time into helping one anothe I figured hey what the heck if someone could use my h700 bluetooth earpiece which I bought in doubles and I'm just trying to make my moped cooler what the heck? In any case I don't know whom is in authority here if anyone but it sure seems I get blasted alot by posting police to be sure. I'm just trying to be considerate and respectful here. Hey I'm 51 who says beanie babies aren't cool. Hell I still have a tye dyed vinyl album. Oh yea that's right alot of the gang here has never heard or seen vinyl. The kinds of stuff I have cover alot of areas. Electronics, photography, Martial Arts, Football, watches just to name a few items.In any case I'll get the gist of wether or not this is OK by the end of this thread for sure and go from there....David

Re: I need a ruling

Etheran St.james /

Go for it man. People will say something regardless. Pay no mind. I don't care about watches and football (unless of course you're using the world definition of the word) But someone may. Just give us the ol' "OT" if you don't want to offend people.

And vinyl is really not foreign to many of us. Lots of us love old weird shit. I'm the only person I know with multiple working 8-track machines and stacks of working cassettes for them. Four turntables, countless recievers, frequency scanners, three NESs, ect.ect.ect. I just tried to dump some old beta-max hand held video recording equipment on DZ last week....but he's already got gobs more cool shit than I could've accumulated this far in life.


Re: I need a ruling

I still might like that camera. It looks like it has the same cord as a bad RCA camera of mine.

But as you said, my pile is waist-deep.

Re: I need a ruling

I wanna know whucha got!

Any theremins?

OT for Sale

Ok Lets see how this goes for starters:

1) Motorola HT700 Bluetooth wireless ear piece

1)Nikon N6006 35MM Camera W/ several differant lenses

1)Several differant Martial Arts displays ,picture, statues Etc

1) Kaiser Photographic Color enlarger

1) A complete varity of knives: I will be very responsible whom I'd trade with these to.

1) cable modem

1 non camera/non blue tooth cell phone

1) sears Battery charger W/ trickle down for our Peds

50) differant style watches..many varities

1) Olympus 35MM camera

1) Brother laser label maker

1) Library of a varied asst. of Martial Arts Material.

1) looks like a Snap On Tool box/ but is a Jewlery Box(way a collectable,

25) miniature plastic Harley Models

over 200 Vinyl Albums range from the 50's to the early 90's

Lets just see where this list takes us and go from there...Thanks...David

Re: OT for Sale

I wonder about those records. I like those. I saw your 35mm's listed and was hoping for a minolta to pop up. I have one that's messed up with a few lenses.

Re: OT for Sale

I had some Minoltas awhile back SRT101'2 and A 102 and pretty much gave them to a friend in need. Both the Nikon which is a N6006 AF and the olympus are pretty sweet. I used them bot anthey are both awsome cameras. As for the Vinyl just let me know what Gendra you may be interested in and I can check what's there. Obviously to much to list.

Re: I need a ruling

jerry bromflieg /

Jeez,Deez,a theramin! I love those things,probably why I love Ed Wood movies.PULL THE STRING!Jerry.

Re: OT for Sale

Some other cool stuff I'd give up for the love of my Ped:

900Mhz cordless phone/ with charger and stand of course

Weider 2000 all in one home gym unit (I can't ship this to be sure) I live in Ct.

Ninjitsu Training Manual

Many Music books for the Guitar

Dreamweaver website creation software and manuals W/firefox

also: A book on worlds greatest card tricks(sorry I couldn't resist listing this).

Sakar auto exsposure tilt flash unit

One package of unopened Jolly Ranchers

Re: OT for Sale

Anyone want an Old Nikon F W/O lens. It seems to work I've just long since replaced it with other cameras. This guy has no internal meter in it either, I do have a seperate exposure meter that I could send with it if anyone is interested. Any cool Ped stuff will do.

Items I'm interested in include saddle bags as such or a good Rt side mirror to fit my 99 Tomos Targa..

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