WTB: Snark Tool Kit

Looking for an under-seat tool kit and knob for a '77 Snark.

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Re: WTB: Snark Tool Kit

NailheadRocketman /

That's a V1 equipped Bianchi right?


Re: WTB: Snark Tool Kit

oh goddammer how I miss my snark! Had it 3 days and got run over by a car on it, it was mint before that. I have been looking for one ever since with no luck. Yes nailhead, minarelli V1, or bianchimatics have 2 speed franco morinis.

Re: WTB: Snark Tool Kit

that's right...VI

getting ready to do some performance upgrades. what exhaust do you like for the minarelli? thinking of going with a 15.15 Dellorto, has the stock 14.9 right now.

Re: WTB: Snark Tool Kit

oh man, thats the 20 mph version then huh. A 15.15 and a pipe would give you a good strong 38-40 mph. I personally love the minarelli mamba pipe, but everybodys always out of stock on it. Plus you have to remove your kickstand to use it, but no biggie there, just put a sidestand on it. There is a guy on here selling a nearly new 15.15 for 45 shipped, better snatch that up.

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