FWIW Hooray For Evan!!

Hi Gang, I just wanted everyone to know that Evan Hooked me up with some rightous parts at rightous prices for my ped. He went above and beyond the call to lighting ship them to me, as a matter of fact he didn't even wait for my $$ to arrive, now that's trust. His trust was well placed and I'm sure he'll see hie payolla soon. I just thought that when someons goes as far out of their way to help another pedder, then a Public Thanks is appropriate. Evan you get my"Man of The Month Award" :-:...David

Re: FWIW Hooray For Evan!!

Damn dude I aint trying to be fucked up but your really over posting. Way to many topics your name come up like 10 times per forum. Try putting everything in one post. And whoever evan is its nice that he helped you out but keep this in mind.

Re: FWIW Hooray For Evan!!

yea and my partrs to, the whole targa frame, forks fenders d more, all ready when i asked , A++++


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