I'm looking to buy a good condition puch magnum/monza or preferably a tomos moped. I am willing to spend up to $430.

got one

Ive got a '98 targa with title, biturbo pipe, upjetted and no plastics.

THe bike starts and rides well but may need the 1st speed clutch replaced as it will not go into neutral sometimes....as i just found out tonight.

Green step through, New set of tires included


email me if interested

pics in this one

Re: pics in this one

how many miles does it have?

Re: pics in this one

you know ive never even looked, ill check it out


just so you know. there are only 2 monza's in america. 1 is a moped and 1 is a motorcycle. chris paz has the motorcycle and i have the monza. if you would like to purchase these i will take.

12,000$, your sister and a lifetime supply of alaskan thunderfuck (and it better be sticky)

very firm on the price.

Re: monza

sorry didn't mean monza, i meant maxi. I was just looking at monza parts on ebay at the time.

Re: monza

Hey Matt, can we arrang when I can pick the bike up and pay for it in cash.

Re: monza

sure call me


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