peaugeot tsm

anyone seen or have one of these? as i recall in my youth this was the only machine that could keep up with my motobecane....looking...

Re: peaugeot tsm

Maitland Of the Loin /

ive been looking for a while too

theres one in san diego but the guy is asking a shitload for it

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Moped Game Sally Struthers /

i got one in florida and had it shipped out west. its in pieces but intends to be the sickest bike west of the continental told me so.

Re: peaugeot tsm

great bikes for sure. if you have patience you can find one on ebay. have probably seen 3 sell this year lol. or just create a new thread "WTB: Peugeot TSM" and bump it once a week. you will find one quicker that way.

Re: peaugeot tsm

Serge Prokofievadactyl /

Don't do that... I always scan the buy/sell forum and I see the word "PEUGEOT", then I see "WTB" right next to it. Thats annoying.

They are awesome bikes, I just picked one up a couple months ago, and it is in near perfect condition. I'm not used to having a bike that I have to worry about scratching. They are very very heavy, and very underpowered. It pretty much NEEDS a kit on it. It weighs about 200 pounds, and is way bigger than most top tanks I've seen. It is pretty much a small honda motorcycle with a moped engine on it, but SO awesome. Good luck finding one.

Re: peaugeot tsm

scary how they can communicate with you like good luck with your project! post pics when you are done!

Re: peaugeot tsm

They come in different speed ratings. I have a "U3" 30 MPH model. It is not as fast as a Targa on the flat but will catch and pass one on the hill. Maybe with some gearing changes it would be faster on the flats but as is, it is good enough. It is smooth running and very quiet. It is my favorite ped for sure.

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