Wanted: non-running 'ped - Michigan


i am a young moped enthusiast-to-be from Northern Michigan. here is my goal: buy an old, cheap, non-working moped, fix it up, ride it. by doing so i will give myself something to do this winter, something to ride this summer, and most importantly aquire skills and knowledge that may allow me to further tinker with old vehicles and the like in the future. so, i am looking for exactly that: an old, cheap, probably '70s, true moped, which has seen better days and could be fixed up by a young novice such as myself. it would be great if it could be delivered to my home in Harbor Springs, Michigan.

let me know! thanks.


Re: Wanted: non-running 'ped - Michigan

See Ya Moped Army /

Sounds like an "objective" on a resume.

Re: Wanted: non-running 'ped - Michigan

I have a buddy that lives in Brutus and works in Harbor Springs. He is on the lookout for peds in that area. If something comes up, I wll post it. Just watch this board.

Re: Wanted: non-running 'ped - Michigan

I have a motobecane 50V that I will not be able to fix up before I move to seattle.

I have all of the necessary parts and the engine is fully rebuilt.

Email me at erics@mopedarmy.com if yr interested

Re: Wanted: non-running 'ped - Michigan

If he is not interested, I am.

Re: Wanted: non-running 'ped - Michigan


i'm definitely interested. i'll shoot you an email.


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