race pinto kick ass puch deal 400$ lots of goodies

this is a pinto that i customed out it does around 40-45 with me that was with the bigger spocket i just put a mag wheel on the back that has the smaller sprocket on it the cab has bin bored with a 70 jet the pipe is like new it has bin lowerd and some drag bars added to it pritty sweet ride i have severl parts that are included a bunch of wheels fenders a compleat front end 2 or 3 jugs e50 parts also a labretts parts pedd with a e50 parts motor and switches also have a nother e50 parts motor i have some other stuff also i will get a better list day after tomarrow i have a matching front mag also check my profile for a pic ill get some better pics when i list the parts ill take 400 for all of it this is a kick as deal for the beginner or builder if you want to call 989 672 5011 i live in the thumb of michigan zip 48723

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