Paint Code?

Hi Gang, Thanks to Evan it looks like I'll be getting a fairing for my baby. The one that Evan has is Orange and mine is yellow. Anyone know how I can come up with the right shade of yellow to get a close match to the rest of my plastic?. Cars have paint codes to help us with this sort of thing, I'm thinking that Peds probably don't but as sure as I'm sitting here typing I know one of you Mopers must have figured out a name brand and color shade that will come close to Tomos Yellow..Thanks as always...David

Re: Paint Code?

i hate to steal your post, but i need the same for a 1975 honda CB200T silver color, if anyone knows off hand....



Re: Paint Code?

No Sweat Chad, One for all and all for one..Swarm on brothers and sisters...David

Re: Paint Code?

ok if you can get a piece or the object that is small enough that the color you want to home depot go to the paint section and do the hole color scan thing it works eveytime for me. but once u get the color you go and make it ur self or go to a local auto body shop and they can mix you up a batch.

Re: Paint Code?

Honda could prob hook you up!

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